ISME is extremely pleased to announce that the 2018 Jim Tiedje Award winner is Prof. Michael Wagner, University of Vienna, Austria. Furthermore, Dr. Catherine Lozupone, University of Colorado, Denver, United States, has been awarded the 2018 ISME Young Investigators Award. Congratulations to both winners! 

The ISME-IWA Bio Cluster Award winners and travel grant winners will announced at a later stage. 
Note that during the conference we will determine the winners for the best post-doc presentation (Tom Brock Awards), the poster awards (Poster Awards, DC White Award, Bill Costerton Award and MoBio Award). 

The Tiedje Award

Michael Wagner, University of Vienna, Austria

Professor Wagner will give his award lecture on Thursday evening 16 August, following the Tiedje Award Reception. 


The ISME Young Investigators Award

Catherine Lozupone, University of Colorado, Denver, United States