Society Travel Awards

The ISME Travel Awards for Young Scientist Members
-to assist in covering travel expenses to ISME18-

Open for applications until further notice

ISME has two types of travel grants available for ISME18, the ISME Society Travel Award for ISME (student) members and the African Scientist Travel Award, for attendees from Africa.
Applicants from Africa are advised to apply for the "African Scientists Travel Award" which requires no membership to the ISME society.

ISME Travel Awards

  • € 800 for each Travel Grant Winner

The Grants are divided into:

  • Student Grants - ISME student members currently engaged in research toward a higher degree: Masters or PhD
  • PostDoc Grants - ISME regular members currently holding a PostDoc position for no more than 3 years*

The applicant must also be the first and presenting author of an abstract submitted to the symposium.

Applications for "The ISME Travel Awards" should include:

  • Applicants name and full contact details (full work address, phone number, email address) 
  • ISME membership number (can be found when login into your ISME account)
  • Gender, age and nationality (this info is only needed to guarantee a balanced distribution)
  • Supportive statement from current supervisor
  • Personal statement why you believe the Committee should select you for an award

All applications should be in a .pdf file format (no longer than 3 pages) with the filename containing the applicants' name as follows:  "Surname_Firstname_TravelApp.pdf" 

You can upload your file when you submit your abstract. 

Important notes:

  • For this type of Travel Award ONLY ISME members will be considered. 
  • The travel grants will be distributed during the Symposium in Cape Town via PayPal or bank transfer. For safety reasons we do not distribute grants in cash. 
  • Being awarded a travel award does not automatically imply that you will be selected for an oral presentation at the conference. 

*counting from the last day of the conference, 14 August 2020.