The form for official letters of invitation designed to help overcome administrative difficulties in certain countries can be downloaded here: ISME17 Invitation letter, and filled in by attendees. It must be understood that such letters do not represent a commitment on the part of the Organizing Committee or Symposium to provide any financial assistance.

Please fill in your details in the form and print it as .pdf file. In case you need an e-version of the form, you can use option "Print it to .pdf file" on your computer. We recommend that you always take this step so that when you save the form it is no longer fillable.

If you are experiencing trouble using this form, please contact ISME Submissions at

Please note that this letter does not guarantee you will be granted a visa.

If you require the letter to be signed and stamped by the ISME Office, please send the created letters to and we will sign them and return them to you by post and PDF.