Wednesday 11 November

Session UTC Time Presenters Title
Opening Remarks 14:00 ISME & Organizing Committee Welcome and Introduction
Keynote #1
Chair: Evodia Setati
14:15 Thulani Makhalanyane The evolution of microbiomes in cryptic and refuge niches
Session 1
Sub-Saharan Africa
Chair: Evodia Setati
15:15 Rasheed Adeleke Microbes as ecosystem restoration drivers and indicators in rehabilitated coal mining soils
15:35 Wesaal Khan Multiple barrier water treatment strategies: biocontrol and solar energy
15:55 Benjamin Enagbonma Bioturbation by termites promote the plant-growth promoting genes in mound soils
Break 16:15   Meet the Speakers for Keynote #1 and Session 1 Speakers
Session 2
Chair: Laetitia Wilkins
16:45 Sara Mitri Eco-evolutionary dynamics in a small bacterial community
17:05 Nancy Obeng Functional insights into the microbiota of the C. elegans
17:25 Clémence Joseph CellScanner, a user-friendly tool to identify and enumerate cells in flow cytometry data
Break 17:45   Meet the Speakers for Session 2 Speakers
Session 3
Poster Session
Chair: Laetitia Wilkins
18:15 Poster Presenters Posters will be hosted on the ISME website and will be available throughout the conference. Each poster will be assigned a number and questions can be asked to the poster presenter on a dedicated message board.
Session 4
South America
Chair: Kaylee Arnold
19:15 Pedro Milet Meirelles Are neglected and unusual microbes keystone species?
19:35 Adriana Sotero Martins Microbial Diversity of Raw Water Captured for Treatment and Supply the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
19:55 Claudia Rojas Alvarado Soil microbial community conditions following fires at sclerophyllous forests in the Mediterranean climate zone of Central Chile
Break 20:15   Meet the Speakers for Session 4 Speakers
Session 5
Selected Talks 1
Chair: Kaylee Arnold
20:45 Martina Dal Bello A simple linear relationship between resource availability and microbial community diversity
21:00 María V. Quiroga Ecological processes shaping the bacterial metacommunity at different taxonomic resolutions
21:15 Mafalda S. Baptista Biogeography of microbial communities around a penguin colony shows how biotically-mediated nutrient transfers shape Antarctica terrestrial ecosystems
21:30 Song Lin Chua Engineering ‘trap then release’ biofilms for microplastics removal
21:45 Miaoxiao Wang Weakening the asymmetric benefit from product privatization stabilizes metabolic division of labor in microbial communities
Session 6
Chair: Zakee Sabree
22:00 Hisashi Endo Biogeography of marine giant viruses reveals their interplay with eukaryotes and ecological functions
22:20 Hyun Ju You Unraveling microbial interactions in human diseases
22:40 Fanghua Liu New insight of interspecies electron transfer between Desulfovibrio and Methanobacterium from conductive methanogenic aggregates to pure co-cultures
Day 1 Closing Remarks 23:00 Organizing Committee Day 1 Closing Remarks
  23:05   Meet the Speakers for Session 6 Speakers

Thursday 12 November

Session UTC Time Presenters Title
Keynote #2
Chair: Ann Gregory
13:00 Janelle Thompson Wastewater surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 for population health management
Session 7
North Africa and the Middle East
Chair: Ann Gregory
14:00 Ramy Aziz A poor man’s guide to microbiomics: The struggle to build viable microbiome research in a resource-limited setting
14:20 Hanin Alzubaidy Promotion of salt tolerance by Enterobacter sp. SA187 in the model organism Arabidopsis thaliana
14:40 Aashish Jha The gut microbiome variations in human health and disease
Break 15:00   Meet the Speakers for Keynote #2 and Session 7 Speakers
Session 8
North America
Chair: Anya Brown
15:30 Nikki Traylor-Knowles Coral Eco-immunity in a disease landscape of unknowns
15:50 Paul Turner Evolutionary ecology-thinking informs the development of virotherapy
16:10 Nkrumah Grant Living to die: on the benefits and consequences of a key metabolic innovation in an experimental population of Escherichia coli
Break 16:30   Meet the Speakers for Session 8 Speakers
Keynote #3
Chair: Anya Brown
17:00 Karine Gibbs Micro-crowdsourcing: how identity information influences bacterial collective behaviors
Session 9
Selected Talks 2
Chair: Jillian Petersen
18:00 Ahmed Shibl Diatom modulation of select bacteria through use of two unique secondary metabolites
18:15 Avia Mizrahi Single-cell heterogeneity in response to environmental stress reveals pathways of cell fate regulation in marine diatoms
18:30 Daphne Welter Psychrobacter: the psychrophiles descended from pathobionts
18:45 Daniele Ghezzi Microbial diversity and metabolic potential in caves
19:00 Nikhil George CRISPR-resolved virus-host interactions across temporal municipal landfill samples include hyper-targeted viral populations
Break 19:30   Meet the Speakers for Keynote #3
Session 10
Chair: Jillian Petersen
20:00 Kim Handley Microbial genomic adaptations to salinity, pH and temperature, and how groups of Acidithiobacillus inhabit diverse hot springs
20:20 Brajesh Singh Harnessing crop microbiome for sustainable agriculture
20:40 Rochelle Soo Prokaryotic taxonomy and nomenclature in the age of big sequence data
Day 2 Closing Remarks 21:00 Organizing Committee Day 2 Closing Remarks & Award Announcements
  21:15   Meet the Speakers for Session 10 Speakers

Please note that the Meet the Speaker Sessions are on invitation only.