Two post-doc positions in Microbial Ecology

Ecology of bacteria, archaea and fungi to understand how C and N process during the arctic winter may be decisive for feedbacks from tundra to the global climate.

Two post-doc positions in Microbial Ecology are available at the Department of forest mycology and plant pathology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, Sweden. The positions are part of a large interdisciplinary project running 2021-2026 (Arctic Winter Ecology). The project aims to understand and quantify how processes during the arctic winter may be decisive for overall feedbacks from arctic tundra to the global climate. Plant and microbial ecologists work together with specialists in up-scaling based on drone technology and satellite imaging. The project will benefit from ongoing collaborations between plant ecologists (University of Umeå) and fungal and microbial ecologists (SLU, Uppsala). 

We are recruiting two postdoctoral colleagues for the microbial ecology aspects of the project. The holder of position 1 will focus on bacterial and archaeal ecology during the winter, more specifically the temporal dynamics of their functional roles, including the functional communities involved in nitrogen cycling. The holder of position 2 will focus on fungal ecology, particularly how different mycorrhizal communities may play contrasting roles during the winter and across vegetation mosaics.

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Location: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden