ISME18 Sessions and Speakers

       * Preliminary program of ISME18      

Note that all names and dates are still subject to change


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Session Convenors
Monday 15 August
A theoretical perspective on microbiome dynamics Katharine Coyte & Babak Momeni
Ecological drivers of microbes in foods Marie-Christine Champomier-Vergès & Maria Marco
Global biogeochemical cycles Gene Tyson & Bess Ward
Marine microbial ecology Raquel Peixoto & Daniel Sher
Microbial ecology of viruses and phages Corinne Maurice & Martin Polz
Newly discovered branches of the tree of life Purificación López-García & Ken Takai
Plant microbial ecology Cara Haney & Claudio Valverde
Early Career Researchers Session: "Scaling our frame of reference: microbial ecology across space, time and phylogeny" Ann Gregory & Maggie Sogin
Tuesday 16 August
Computational and experimental approaches in microbial ecology - from bulk community to single-cell approaches Shinichi Sunagawa & Haruko Takeyama
Computational models to understand microbial ecology Jonathan Friedman & Stefanie Widder
Engineering microbial communities Seppe Kuehn & Sara Mitri
Evolution of microbial communities Alvaro Sanchez & Marjon de Vos
Metabolic interactions in microbiomes Kiran Patil & Sarela Garcia-Santamarina
Spatial organisation of microbial communities Mette Burmolle & Knut Drescher
Translational microbial ecology and One Health Delphine Destoumieux-Garzón & Angela Sessitsch
Wednesday 17 August  
Public Event - "Discover the Microverse"  
Thursday 18 August  
Controlling microbiome composition, one at a time Wolf-Dietrich Hardt & Didier Mazel
Deep subsurface microbial ecology Cara Magnabosco & Yohey Suzuki
Drivers of microbial invasion success Elze Hesse & Zhong Wei
Host-microbe associations across the animal Tree of Life and beyond Takema Fukatsu & Jillian Petersen
Microbial ecology of the built environment Adey Feleke Desta & David Weissbrodt
Molecular aspects of microbes-microbes - microbes-host interactions Frédérique Le Roux & Luis Teixeira
Soil microbial ecology Noah Fierer & Olubukola Babalola
Synthetic biology in microbial ecology David Riglar & Yolanda Schaerli
Friday 19 August
Freshwater microbial community dynamics and ecosystem functions Byron Crump & Silke Langenheder
Extreme environments: evolutionary paths towards ecological success of microbial life Tom Battin & Beatriz Díez
Microbiomes and us: integrative research across the globe Filipa Godoy-Vitorino & Pascale Vonaesch
Microbes in a changing world: resilience, responsiveness and resources Jennifer Pett-Ridge & Franciska de Vries
Microbial chemical interactions and communication Paolina Garbeva & Choong-Min Ryu
Microbial ecology of antimicrobial resistance Amy Pruden & Tong Zhang
Microscale and biophysical interactions in microbial ecosystems Nadav Kashtan & Jonasz Słomka
Warfare and cooperation in fungal interactions with other biota Teresa Pawlowska & Lukas Y. Wick