Postdoctoral Associate in Microbial Evolutionary Ecology

Use genome-wide association studies, genetics, and evolution experiments to understand the genomic basis of complex phenotypes in bacteria.  

The Department of Microbiological Sciences at North Dakota State University seeks a postdoctoral research associate to work on ecology and evolution of microbes, including foodborne pathogens.  The researcher will be responsible for population genomic analysis to determine the mechanisms of adaptive divergence in non-host habitats and development of new research projects in these areas.  The researcher will be expected to analyze and interpret data and to publish in peer-reviewed journals.  The researcher will also be a resource and collaborator for other researchers on similar projects examining the evolution of virulence and the evolutionary underpinnings of phenotypic plasticity in microbes.  For further details, contact Dr. Peter Bergholz ( and see for posting number: 1800802.

Application deadline: Open until filled
Start date: Open until filled
Location: North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND USA