Postdoc in microbial biogeochemistry

A position as a postdoctoral researcher in microbial biogeochemistry is available at Uppsala University.

Project description: Lakes are active components of the global carbon cycle and feature a variety of biotic and abiotic processes that degrade, modify and immobilize the terrestrial organic carbon en route from land to sea. This transformation is largely mediated by heterotrophic bacteria that use such substrates for their metabolism. In this project we will study these degradation processes at a mechanistic level with focus on how microorganisms process and transform key low molecular compounds into carbon dioxide, different biopolymers and other metabolites. To what extent are these transformation processes controlled by the chemical characteristics of ther compounds used, the traits and funtional properties of the organisms or prevailing environmental conditions? How reactive are the different microbial degradation products and what role do they play in the local and global carbon cycle? Using freshwater ecosystems as models, we will answer these questions using controlled laboratory experiments with stable isotopes and interpret results based on ancillary information on the functional and genome encoded traits of microbial communities and populations.

Duties: Research about microbial interactions in the deep terrestrial biosphere. Bioinformatic and metabolic/functional analysis of fungal and bacterial communities in water and biofilms of the deep bedrock. Analysis and interpretation of data and presentation of results in scientific publications. Some limited student supervision may be included.

Qualifications required: For this position the candidate must hold a PhD degree within microbiology, (analytical) chemistry, environmental sciences or another relevant subject. Analytical skills and extensive knowledge about chemical analysis of carbon compounds is a requirement and should be explained and documented in the application. Candidates must be highly proficient in spoken as well as written English.

To be eligible the candidate must have a PhD degree, or a foreign degree equivalent to this, completed less than three years before the application deadline. If there are special reasons, the degree can/could be completed earlier. Special reasons can for example include leave due to illness, parental leave, work within a union.

Qualifications desired: Research and laboratory experience in aquatic biogeochemistry and experimental aquatic microbiology. Previous experience and knowledge in NMR, mass spectrometry and use of stable isotopes is considered a merit. Proficiency in biostatistics, microbial metabolism and modeling will also be considered positively in the evaluation of applicants.

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Application deadline:
Start date: Flexible
Location: Uppsala University, Sweden